The Wedding List

Make Your Dream Wedding Come True: The Wedding List

Your wedding day is definitely a most awaited hallmark of your life. It is among the most anticipated occasions you’ll ever plan for and to make sure that you will be able to realize the wedding of your dreams, you need to ensure that every detail is perfect. There are couples who are able to easily figure out the kind of wedding they’d have that a wedding list is not that challenging to make. If you have just gotten engaged though and this is the only time you have put wedding planning to perspective, here are some tips in creating a wedding list, what to include on the list, and accomplishing everything you’ve written on it.

1. Brainstorm.

You need not accomplish a complete and organized list on your first try. Get a piece of paper, find a comfortable place and casually envision your ideal wedding. Don’t think about the budget first or other factors that might limit it. You’ll work on that later. Once you have the perfect wedding in your mind, jot down the details that you see. Is it at the beach? Is it a church wedding? How many guests are there? What are you wearing? How big is the place? Keep the process simple on your first try.

2. Start refining your wedding list.

Brainstorming allows you to get to know what your desires really are. Once you have that preliminary list, it’s time to make priorities. Divide your list into three—your non-negotiable details, your want list, and your special add-ons/alternatives. Non-negotiables pertain to your must have set—-these are details that should be on your wedding to make you happy. Your want list includes those you like to have on your wedding too but you won’t be too crushed if they are not included. The special add-ons contain items that can be added if there is still some budget left or the possible alternatives if your non-negotiables can’t be realistically met by your budget.

3. Further refine the list.

The perfect wedding list is about fine tuning. You start murky and unsure then you start to get the hang of it and the ideas flow naturally. Of course, it would help if you have a wedding planner to ensure that you are not too stressed out in meeting all your wedding details.

4. Check if your list has the essentials.

There is no universal wedding list as each couple is different and each person has a different approach to planning. But all wedding lists have elements in common. Here are some of them.

  • The venue
  • The number of guests
  • The official guest list
  • The wedding favors
  • The wedding attire (of the couple and their entourage)
  • The reception venue
  • The reception menu
  • The bridal bouquet
  • Wedding ceremony accents
  • The officiating officer
  • The music
  • The wedding cake
  • The wedding invitations
  • The wedding rehearsal


The wedding list might be stressful to hear but it can actually save you from forgetting anything. Always study your list and update it from time to time to see if you are actually having some progress.