Reasons to Have an Island Wedding

The wedding is the most awaited event in a couple’s life. This is symbolic of the everlasting union and is the moment you declare your love and devotion for each other to the world. Since your wedding day only happens once, careful planning is necessary in order to achieve the ideal vision that you have in your mind about it. Thailand, particularly Koh Samui, is now one of the hottest places to tie the knot. Here are some reasons why couples from all over the world are crazy about Koh Samui weddings.

Planning is easy.

Because it is currently one of the wedding capitals in Asia, the island has many companies that are dedicated solely to weddings. Koh Samui weddings have the reputation for being some of the most hassle free weddings in the planet, which is why even foreign couples are interested in them. Everyone knows that planning for a wedding can be stressful, time demanding, and can be a bit overwhelming for the couple. On the island, you can easily find a wedding company that you can rely on every step of the way.

You have the perfect excuse to keep the guest list short.

Among the sticky aspects of planning a wedding is that pull to want to invite everyone on your dream day—not because you want to, but because it is expected and you want to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Having a destination wedding is the most convenient reason to limit your guest list to those people that really matter to you. With Koh Samui weddings, you are not obligated to invite everyone. First, they’d have to travel far to be there. Second, they’d actually have to tweak their schedules in order to accommodate the wedding. This means that you can limit the list to family and closest friends only and no one would really mind that much.

Koh Samui weddings are easy on the budget.

Compared to what you need to pay for in your home country or in most wedding destinations in the world, Koh Samui wedding rates are considerably lower and are more within the budget of most couples. It is understood that weddings can be costly, but if you do your wedding here on the island, chances are you’d be able to save a lot, especially if you are wise in picking your wedding package. Also, since you won’t have to invite everyone and your guest list is limited, you won’t really need to spend a lot of money to make your dream wedding a reality.

The island is all about options.

From the wedding venues, to the wedding packages, and honeymoon venues, Koh Samui ensures that every type of couple has enough options to choose from. Whether you want to get married at a hotel, a resort, or at a villa, or whether you’d like a conventional wedding or a traditional wedding, or whether you’d like to use your wedding venue as a honeymoon venue or not, the island has all the options lined up for you. When you have that kind of flexibility, your planning for your dream wedding becomes a lot easier.

The island is a home to fabulous white sand beaches.

For those who are dreaming of the ultimate beach wedding, better keep your eye on Koh Samui weddings. On the island, you can have your ideal tropical wedding by beach as the island boasts some of the most enchanting turquoise waters you will ever see.

Your guests will love the opportunity for a holiday.

In preparation for your big day, some of your guests may have to be on the island earlier. This will give them time to explore Koh Samui and be able to savor the beauty and the culture of the island. Guests will not only love your wedding celebration, but also the time before and after that since they’d have the chance to unwind and enjoy the tropical sun for a while.

You can have one venue for everything.

The beauty of tying the knot in Samui is that you can save money by stretching the purpose of your wedding venue. If you are able to rent a wedding villa for example, it could be the place where everyone can stay in preparation for the ceremony. The venue will of course be the place for the ceremony and for the reception as well. After the merriment, it can also be the honeymoon venue. Depending on your preferences and the arrangements you have with the venue owner, you can opt to have everything take place there. This will minimize travelling time and venue expenses.

Rest assured that you’ll have the most romantic honeymoon.

Romance is definitely in the air here in the island of Samui. With its coconut tree lined beaches and its balmy weather, the couples will instantly be enveloped in a great mood even before their wedding day. You can choose from a number of luxury resorts and hotels to spend your wedding night. Have a candlelit dinner along the shoreline, have a spa treatment for two, and visit some of the island’s temples together. You will surely enjoy the experience. The plus is that most wedding packages already has a honeymoon offer so you won’t even need to take care of the details for your post wedding vacation.

Your dress code could be as formal or as casual as you’d like.

The best thing about Koh Samui weddings is their flexibility. This goes even for the dress code. Depending on your chosen theme, you can make the dress code formal or more casual and in keeping with the beach setting. Some brides are able to skip the full length heavy wedding gown for a flowy type of dress. They can also ditch the heels in favor of a jeweled foot adornment. In the like manner, the groom can also opt for a more casual outfit that is more suited for the tropical weather.