Go Samui Catering offering consultancy services

We are a modern, creative thinking and professional kitchen and Restaurant design, Food Business and Catering Consultancy; with a wealth of hospitality experience.

We can provide strategic solutions to the Catering Business, Restaurants, Hotels, Products and importantly you’re People.

We are unique in our approach; our lives and careers have been at the cutting edge of hospitality and we bring that huge knowledge base to our clients.

Whether a new business start up, or an established corporate, our expertise can identify and make the difference between a good idea, and a sound business solution.

Go Samui Catering team have in-depth knowledge and experience of food at all levels, so whether it be a resort or hotel launch, designing kitchens, or a troublesome menu item that you wish to be sense checked, we are the right people to help.

We know food, and we know our products; we can help you create, design or improve your menu or retail food product and take your business to the next level.