We are a modern, creative thinking and professional kitchen and Restaurant design, Food Business and Catering Consultancy; with a wealth of hospitality experience. We can provide strategic solutions to the Catering Business, Restaurants, Hotels, Products and importantly you’re People.

We are unique in our approach; our lives and careers have been at the cutting edge of hospitality and we bring that huge knowledge base to our clients. Whether a new business start up, or an established corporate, our expertise can identify and make the difference between a good idea, and a sound business solution.

Go Samui Catering team have in-depth knowledge and experience of food at all levels, so whether it be a resort or hotel launch, designing kitchens, or a troublesome menu item that you wish to be sense checked, we are the right people to help. We know food, and we know our products; we can help you create, design or improve your menu or retail food product and take your business to the next level.

How we met

Hotel & Restaurant

Our culinary team has extensive experience creating new menus, developing new concepts, building bespoke food offers and testing dishes. Whether you are looking at improving your menu, creating new dishes or building a brand new food concept, our food development chefs bring the right level of expertise to reach your goals.

Aside from food and menu development, we can help with the following services:

  • Critique and review of your food offer
  • Improvement and menu redesign
  • Kitchen hygiene and food handling training
  • Menu engineering
  • Advice on purchasing and management of cost of sales
  • Overview of pricing and competition
  • Presentation and preparations

I said "YES!"

Kitchen Design and Development

The restaurant kitchen is oftentimes referred to as the heart-of-the-house and a well designed restaurant kitchen with the proper cooking platforms can make you money and save you money. The restaurant kitchen design does not take into consideration some practical requirements that we are experienced in “hands on”, the menu, and cooking platforms, carry out areas, adequate line refrigeration, location of ware washing and food preparations areas, it could create a very inefficient restaurant kitchen that requires more labor and unnecessary steps. When the Go Samui Catering team designs/consults, the operator can be assured that it is the most cost efficient that will stand the test of time.