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Plated - Nam Jai Local Thai

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Go Samui Catering - Plated - Nam Jai Local Thai

Appetizers and Taste Plates

Por Pia Pak (v)
Crisp mini spring rolls with mixed vegetables, glass noodles and a duo of sweet chili and white plum sauce

Larb Nuea Thod
Fried minced beef flavored with mint leaves, spring onion, roasted and crushed sticky rice, with Chiang Mai peppercorn and served with a "Nam Jim Jaew" spicy Esarn dipping sauce

Gai Satay (GF)
Grilled curry and coconut marinated chicken Satay skewers with roasted peanut sauce and cucumber relish in fresh cut bamboo

Kao Port Thod Kab Yam Malakor (v)
Sweet corn and yellow curry fritters with spicy young green papaya and coriander leaf

Thord Man Goong (GF)
Delicate handmade prawn patties enhanced with curry and fresh Thai herbs, served with dipping sauce

Herbed and Spiced Thai Salads

Go Samui Catering - Plated - Nam Jai Local Thai

Yam Pla Muek (GF)
Our local caught Phangan squid poached and seasoned with lime juice, shallot and fresh Thai herbs with chili

Larb Gai (GF)
Minced chicken salad tossed together with fresh Asian herbs & chili lime dressing

Moo Yang Nam Tok (GF)
Spicy grilled pork tenderloin salad with fresh garden herbs and Thai citrus dressing

Yam Ma Muang Pla Grob
A modern interpretation of Thailand's finest young green mango salad served with crispy fried local sea bass filet with roasted cashew nuts

Yam Nuea Yang (GF)
Salad of grilled beef tenderloin with tomato, cucumber and fresh mint leaves with tamarind and roasted rice-chili dressing

Pha Pla Salmon (GF)
Tasmanian deep water salmon salad enhanced with dry chili powder, fresh herb flavors, lime and palm sugar dressing

Som Tum Poo Nim Thod
Essarn's famous green papaya salad with spicy lime-chili dressing, coriander panache and crisp "Ranong" soft shell crab

Yam Som O (v) (GF)
Pomelo salad with spring onion, young white coconut, roasted cashew nuts and spicy citrus dressing

Pha Goong (GF)
Spicy salad of poached prawns, fresh lemongrass, shallot, chili, lime and mint leaves

Go Samui Catering - Plated - Nam Jai Local Thai

Tom Soup Kettle

Tom Kha Gai (GF)
Aromatic coconut milk soup with chicken fillets and fresh lime leaf, galangal shoots and coriander leaf

Pla Krapong Tom Som (GF)
Sea bass fillet with clear soup enhanced with ginger, spring onion, coriander, tamarind juice, pepper seed, shallots and shrimp paste

Tom Yum Goong (GF)
The famous Thai spicy and sour soup with black tiger prawns, cooked with Thai spices and herbs and finished with a generous dash of fresh lime juice

Tom Jead Tauho (v)(GF)
Thai mixed vegetables prepared in a clear broth flavoured with soft bean curd

Tom Poh Teak Talay (GF)
Mixed Samui hand selected seafood's in spicy soup with hot basil leaves

Gulf of Thailand Seafood Specialities

Go Samui Catering - Plated - Nam Jai Local Thai

Pla Gapong Nueng Manow (GF)
Lemongrass steamed fresh sea bass fillets cooked to perfection in garlic- chili dressing and finished with a splash of fresh lime juice

Hoy Shell Pad Nam Prik Pow (GF)
Stir fried king scallops with roasted sweet chili and sweet basil leaves

Pad Cha Talay (GF)
Wok fried mixed local seafood cooked with a spicy Thai herb paste, green peppercorns and wild basil leaves

Pla Insi Kratiem Prik Thai
Local black banded king mackerel fillets hot wok fried with black pepper and crushed garlic, coriander and Bok choi

Phad Krapow Goong (GF)
Wok fried tiger prawns, with garlic, hot basil leaf and sliced red chili

Nova Scotia Live Lobster Sautéed, Simmered and Steamed

The markets best selection of Thai inspired live lobster prepared your way

Go Samui Catering - Plated - Nam Jai Local Thai

'Phad Makam'
Stir fried lobster with a trio of peppers, onion and served with tamarind sweet and sour sauce

'Kratiem Prik Thai'
Flash fried lobster with crushed garlic and black pepper sauce, coriander leaf panache

'Phad Pong Karee'
Stir fried lobster with a delicate yellow curry, celery, onion and coconut cream

'Phad King' (GF)
Stir fried lobster with lesser ginger, black mushroom, chili and spring onions

'Nueng' (GF)
Steamed and cracked with our homemade lime, chili and coriander dipping sauce

Gaeng Phed Local Curry Clay Pots

Gaeng Phed Taohu Sai Pak (v)(GF)
Tofu and mixed Thai vegetables with bamboo shoots in red curry sauce

Gaeng Kiew Waan (GF)
Intense Thai green curry, carefully cooked with tender pieces of free-range chicken, local baby eggplants and local sweet basil

Geang Panang Nuea (GF)
Beef tenderloin with paneang curry and perfumed with kaffir lime and sweet basil

Geang Chu Chi Goong (GF)
Ocean black tiger prawns cooked with aromatic Chu Chi curry and perfected with the flavor of kaffir lime leaves and coconut cream

Geang Massaman Nuea (GF)
Braised tender Angus beef in massaman curry with coconut milk and peanuts prepared our unique Southern style

Gaeng Phed Pet Yang (GF)
Red curry with slow roasted duck breast, fresh red apples and lychee simmered in coconut milk

Pla Salmon Rad Gaeng Karee (GF)
Steamed Tasmanian salmon with fragrant yellow curry, lotus seed, fresh lesser ginger and lime leaves

Straight From The Wok or Grilled

Go Samui Catering - Plated - Nam Jai Local Thai

Phad Kra Praw Phed Yang
Wok seared crisp duck breast with spicy chili and green hot basil leaves

Nuea Phad Nam Man Hoy
Wok seared beef tenderloin with our selection of mixed vegetables and oyster sauce

Gai Pad Medmamuang
Wok seared chicken breast with roasted cashew nuts, dry chili and sweet tamarind

Moo Phad King (GF)
Hot wok fried pork tenderloin with lesser ginger, shiitaki mushrooms and mixed trio of peppers

Ped Yang Nam Makam
Grilled fillet of marinated local duck served on an intense reduction of sweet tamarind sauce complimented by crispy asparagus spears and shallots

Vegetables and Rice

Go Samui Catering - Plated - Nam Jai Local Thai

Phad Pak Ruam
Stir-fried young mixed Thai vegetables with Supreme oyster sauce

Normai Farang Phad Hedhom (v)
Stir-fried green asparagus spears, baby corn with black Chinese mushrooms

Khao Suay (v)(GF)
Thailand's favorite steamed aromatic "Surin" jasmine rice

Khao Dang (v)(GF)
A healthy lifestyle option of steamed brown rice

Khao Phad Krueng Geang Kiew Waan (v)(GF)
Jasmine rice hot wok seared with aromatic green curry and spices presented with coriander leaves

Khao Klug Mun Poo (GF)
Steamed jasmine rice, fresh blue crab meat, shallot, garlic and coriander salad

Khan Ob Sapporod (v)(GF)
Stir fried rice with pineapple, raisins, spring onions and yellow curry powder


Klauy Thod
Crisp local banana fritters with wild flower honey and vanilla ice cream scoop

Khao Neow Ma-muang (GF)
Sweet mango with black and white sticky rice, clove infused mango sauce and young coconut ice-cream

Kanom Mo Keang
Phetchaburi Mung bean cake with jasmine flower and palm sugar,served with fresh coconut sorbet

Tub Tim Krob (GF)
Chilled water chestnut rubies and jack fruit with a duo of fresh coconut milk and white coconut sorbet

Kluay Buat Chee (GF)
Warm local "Nam Wan" banana's in sweetened coconut with a scoop of natural rice milk ice cream

* GF = Gluten Free / V = Vegetarian
* Our Culinary team is committed in supporting the use of sustainable and local products on all our menus where practical.
* All steaks and lamb are imported from N.Z or Australia / Oysters are LIVE and flown direct from overseas 2 days prior to events / weddings.
* Menu Prices on request by email
* Service Charge, setup fees and additional charges may apply please review our Terms & Conditions
* Prices may vary depending on the group size

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