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Nova Scotia 'Live' Lobster

Harvested from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic, our fresh premium hard shell live Nova Scotia lobsters can be a feast on your dinner table, we hand select only the best for quality.

The white meat is pleasantly firm and dense, rich in taste and succulent in flavor.

A perfect addition to any BBQ-DIY or plated service menu

Most certainly, “fit for a king”

Lobster is an inherently social food, it brings people together, it’s an experience, not just a meal

Our lobster come in three (3) sizes to suit any occasion:
• 400-500grm
• 500-600grm
• 600-700grm

We usually need 1 week advance booking for "Live Lobsters", we will also recommend the best cooking style/cuisine for your event

* GF = Gluten Free / V = Vegetarian
* Our Culinary team is committed in supporting the use of sustainable and local products on all our menus where practical.
* All steaks and lamb are imported from N.Z or Australia / Oysters are LIVE and flown direct from overseas 2 days prior to events / weddings.
* Menu Prices on request by email
* Service Charge, setup fees and additional charges may apply please review our Terms & Conditions
* Prices may vary depending on the group size

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